Gin & Tonic

9:00AM – 11:00AM
11:00AM – 1:00PM

PRICE | $120 USD


Discover why the East Shore is the best shore for kayaking. Take a journey through pristine waters as we kayak Tahoe. Undeveloped and rugged. Crystal clear waters, sandy hidden beaches, stunning rock formations and lost coves are just the beginning. Paddle to some of the most pristine locations that any alpine lake in North America can produce.

Lake Tahoe’s most famous water adventure – complete with glassy waters, peaceful settings and visibility levels reaching up to seventy feet deep. Making the scenery below just as spectacular as that above.

Stop off at one of the many hidden coves for a snack and some fun in the sun. Feel free to relax and soak up some sun on Lake Tahoe’s sandy shores.

Throughout our kayaking excursion our tour guides will discuss Lake Tahoe’s intriguing history. We’ll navigate over waters with eery pasts and explore destinations that can’t be accessed by foot.  Learn how the lake was formed, its previous inhabitants and the savory characters that helped shaped the current community.  From tall tales of lake monsters. Railroad workers to stories of underground poker tournaments frequented by the likes of Marlyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. You can rest assured you’ll view Lake Tahoe not only as North America’s most beautiful lake, but a destination with a riveting past. 

Onsite Training
Before we hit the water our kayak guides will walk you through all the proper kayak & paddle techniques to ensure you have a fun safe adventure. As always we’ll be with you the whole way.
Towering Mountains
Experience the towering Sierra Nevada mountains as they descend into the gin colored waters of Lake Tahoe. The sheer magnitude from kayak level is nothing short of awe-inspiring.
Rock Gardens
Paddle through and around boulders that have been in Tahoe’s waters since the beginning of time. These monstrosities can reach the size of houses as they penetrate the waters below.
Myth & Legend
Let us spark your imagination with myth and legend. While there are countless stories and tales above the water – it is what may rest and live below that will keep you wondering.
Hidden Coves
Discover hidden coves that would make the most beautiful postcard jealous. Picture perfect is an understatement.
If you’re seeking clarity, you will find no clearer lake in all of North America. Travel through the most pristine waters of Lake Tahoe accompanied with uninhibited visibility 70 feet below.
Beach Layover
The only kayak company to provide a beach layover. Soak up the sun on sandy beaches, take a swim or just kick back and enjoy the beach vibes.
Pioneers of the Past
Railroads to mining. Logging to gaming. Native Americans to celebrities. There is no shortage of history when it comes to the inhabitants and industries that helped cultivate the allure and charm of Lake Tahoe.


* Detailed directions to each adventure location are provided via email upon booking confirmation to ensure all participants have a hard copy.  As with all of Tahoe Jack’s Adventures it is the participants responsibility to arrive at the designated start point on time for all of our excursions.

Duration & Fitness Levels
Duration | 2 HOURS
Availability | DAILY
Distance | 4 – 6 MILES
Expected Fitness Level | MODERATE
Difficulty | EASY – MODERATE
What we Provide
Dry Bags
Hands on Instruction
CPR Certified Tahoe Guide
What to Bring
High Energy Snacks
Sandals or Soft Shoes
Windbreaker Jacket
Personal Medication (If Needed)
* Full List emailed upon checkout
Adventure Restrictions
Children Must be accompanied by an adult kayak Tahoe.
Expecting Mothers are prohibited
MAX Weight – 250lbs
Guests must be fully mobile & in good physical condition for our tours
jacks treasure run kayak tahoe
  • Kayaks
  • Paddles
  • Personal Floatation Device (PFD)
  • Dry Bags (For cameras & personal belongings)
  • Snorkel Gear (If you choose to snorkel)
  • A Knowledgeable, Experienced Guide
  • A Genuine Tahoe Adventure
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Sandals or Soft Shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel
  • High Energy Snacks
  • Water
  • Personal Medication (If Needed)

Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority has various launch locations depending on the Kayak tour you choose. Drive times from South Lake Tahoe are typically 15 minutes.

The following adventures have shuttle service provided to enable guests to enter the beaches we utilize.

Dawn Patrol
Gin & Tonic
Alpine Liquidity
Jack’s Treasure Run
Nova Rova

Detailed directions to each adventure location and/or shuttle departure location are provided via email upon booking confirmation to ensure all participants have a hard copy.  As with all of Tahoe Jack’s Adventures it is the participants responsibility to arrive at the designated start point on time for all of our excursions.

Our paddle times vary on the Kayak Adventure you choose. Listed below are our daily kayak tours and their corresponding schedules.

Dawn Patrol – 8:00AM
Gin & Tonic – 10:30AM
Alpine Liquidity – 1:00PM
Jack’s Treasure Run – 7:00PM
Nova Rova – 9:00PM
Howl at the Moon – 9:00PM

Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority offers a broad array of Kayak Adventures of varying difficulty levels. Our adventures can range from easy to strenuous. It is very important that you choose an adventure within your own personal fitness and comfort levels. While our Kayaking tours in general are not overly exhaustive, our longer kayak tours may prove difficult for some. Please see our paddle difficulty ratings and the paddle distance information in their corresponding individual kayak tour sections to find a suitable tour that meets your fitness levels and capabilities.

Lake Tahoe’s weather patterns vary day to day. However, in the summer months, wind can be a factor during the afternoons. Therefore, you will find that most of our kayaking adventures are held either in the mornings or evenings. This ensures our paddlers the best paddling times when Lake Tahoe’s waters are calmer and offer for excellent photo opportunities and brilliant wildlife observing.

Our guides are experienced, professional, CPR certified and personable. They have extensive training and experience with kayaking, Lake Tahoe’s waters, outdoor preparedness and safety procedures. We understand that our guides have an extensive impact on both your safety and overall experience with us. It is for this reason that Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority strives diligently to bring you some of Lake Tahoe’s finest kayak guides.

Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority has an extensive fleet of kayaks that are suitable for all experience levels. Our kayaks are stable, user friendly and safe. Our guides will brief you in the water of proper kayak techniques, paddle strokes, best practices and safety precautions before we set out on our journey. As always our guide will be with you the whole way.

We welcome all kayak skill levels and offer instruction once in the water. If this is your first time kayaking we would recommend one of our shorter, less vigorous adventures. However, it is not a requirement, as many first time paddlers are comfortable and acclimate very well to kayaking immediately. As always, please know your fitness levels and athletic abilities when choosing a tour.

Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority recommends the following kayak attire.

  • Soft Shoes or Sandals
  • Synthetic Clothing (as it drys much faster than cotton)

Shorts & T shirts are usually fine during the summer months, however it is recommended that you bring warmer attire with you should the wind pick up or you have booked an early morning/evening adventure. Once again we suggest non cotton clothing. Always better to be prepared than end up being uncomfortable.

We also recommend that you bring a spare change of clothes for when your kayak adventure has ended. It is not uncommon, being out on a lake, that you may get a bit wet.

Please Note: Be sure to bring sunscreen as you will be in the sun during our tours. It is also recommended to bring a lightweight long sleeve that breathes well to avoid prolonged sun exposure to your arms as you paddle.

The age requirement for any kayak adventure is dependent on the tour you choose. Please review the age requirements in the snapshot section of each adventure.  All those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Cancellations made more than 48 hours in advance will receive full credit towards a future adventure tour with Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to departure will receive no credit. Trips cannot be cancelled due to weather conditions, unless such cancellations are made by Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority. In the event a trip is cancelled by Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority due to adverse weather conditions, a full credit refund will be provided. No refunds, discounts or reimbursements will be granted to no-show trip participants, late arrivals, dismissals or any customer that is deemed not suitable to participate due to ill health, medical conditions, intoxication or poor levels of fitness.

Questions regarding our Lake Tahoe kayak tours?

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