• Paddle Boards

• Paddles

• Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

• Dry Bags (For cameras & personal belongings)

• Snorkel Gear (If you choose to snorkel)

• A Knowledgeable, Experienced Guide

• A Genuine Tahoe Adventure

• Camera

• Sunscreen

• Sandals or Soft Shoes

• Sunglasses

• Towel

• High Energy Snacks

• Water

• Personal Medication (If Needed)

All of our water activities require participants use our free shuttle service.  This is a state park requirement. Participants will not be granted access to our beach front operations with utilizing this service.  Our shuttle pickup location for all paddle board tours is located in Incline Village, NV.  Exact pickup locations will be emailed upon booking to ensure all clients have a hard copy. 

Our current paddle times for our Lake Tahoe paddle board tour is listed below.

PaddleSUP 11:30-AM – 2:00PM

Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority offers paddle board adventures for those of varying fitness levels. Typically we recommend our guests have moderate fitness levels. It is very important that you choose an adventure within your own personal fitness and comfort levels. While our paddle board tours in general are not overly exhaustive, they may prove difficult for some.

Lake Tahoe’s weather patterns vary day to day. However, in the summer months, wind can be a factor during the afternoons. Therefore, you will find that our paddle board adventures are held either in the mornings or evenings. This ensures our paddlers the best paddling times when Lake Tahoe’s waters are calmer and offer for excellent photo opportunities and brilliant wildlife observing.

Our guides are experienced, professional, CPR certified and personable. They have extensive training and experience with paddle boarding, Lake Tahoe’s waters, outdoor preparedness and safety procedures. We understand that our guides have an extensive impact on both your safety and overall experience with us. It is for this reason that Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority strives diligently to bring you some of Lake Tahoe’s finest paddle board guides.

Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority has an extensive fleet of paddle boards that are suitable for all experience levels. Our paddle boards are stable, user friendly and safe. Our guides will brief you in the water of proper paddle board techniques, paddle strokes, best practices and safety precautions before we set out on our journey. As always our guide will be with you the whole way.

We welcome all paddle board skill levels and offer instruction once in the water.  Our paddle duration and distances are fine for first time paddlers and many are comfortable and acclimate very well to paddle boarding immediately. As always, please know your fitness levels and athletic abilities when choosing a tour.

Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority recommends the following paddle board attire.

• Soft Shoes or Sandals

• Synthetic Clothing (as it drys much faster than cotton)

Shorts & T shirts are usually fine during the summer months, however it is recommended that you bring warmer attire with you should the wind pick up or you have booked an early morning/evening adventure. Once again we suggest non cotton clothing. Always better to be prepared than end up being uncomfortable.

We also recommend that you bring a spare change of clothes for when your kayak adventure has ended. It is not uncommon, being out on a lake, that you may get a bit wet.

Please Note: Be sure to bring sunscreen as you will be in the sun during our tours. It is also recommended to bring a lightweight long sleeve that breathes well to avoid prolonged sun exposure to your arms as you paddle.

The age requirement for any paddle board adventure is a minimum age of 12 years. All those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  Younger children may participate if they ride on a paddle board with a parent.  If you have children younger than 12 years of age please contact us so we may discount a package for you.

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