June is typically anyone’s guess.  Weather can vary dramatically from beautiful days to sporadic snow storms.  June is one of the best months to enjoy Lake Tahoe’s serene landscapes without the crowds.  Temperatures average in the 60s (F), although it is not uncommon to find some days that reach well into the 70s (F).  Keep in mind that early June can still present some lingering winter weather.  Expect to find snow packed mountains at the higher elevations and very cold lake temperatures throughout most of June due to melting snow entering the lake.  The best Lake Tahoe activities to do throughout June involve lower elevation hikes and mountain biking.  Along with rock climbing, kayaking and wilderness survival courses.  Anything with prolonged exposure to Lake Tahoe’s waters may prove discomforting for most.  Activities such as paddleboarding, swimming and snorkeling are best experienced later in the season.  Overnight backpacking or trekking into the higher elevation destinations will also prove difficult if Lake Tahoe experienced an above average winter snowfall.  If you are looking to maximize your Lake Tahoe activities and outdoor adventures it may be best to wait until July.  If you are looking to enjoy the area without the crowds and still enjoy a plethora of available activities, then June is a great option.


July is when the heat cranks up.  Not just temperature wise but activity wise.  By now average temperatures are well into the 70s and many days will stretch into the 80s.  You can expect July to be sunny almost everyday with the occasional thunderstorm in the afternoon.  By now the water temperatures have risen throughout the lake and water activities that revolve around swimming are in demand.  Paddleboarding, snorkeling and kayaking are great options.  The majority of the higher elevation snow has melted off and access to unlimited trail systems are in full swing.  While the streets and towns begin to swarm like a hive, the backcountry provides for endless opportunities to beat the crowds.  Hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, rock climbing and overnight trips amongst Lake Tahoe’s breathtaking wilderness should be on your agenda.  July provides the perfect balance of around the lake events with the ability to escape the busy epicenters on an outdoor excursion.


August temperatures are very similar to July.  Lake Tahoe’s water temperatures are as warm as they’ll get.  All snow throughout the upper elevations has melted.  Summer is in full swing and neighboring cities are trying to escape the heat.  Any outdoor Lake Tahoe activity you can imagine is up and running.  Lake activities are definitely on the agenda.  While land based activities are best experienced in the mornings and the evenings.  Providing afternoons filled with beachside lounging and water related excursions.  For those looking to discover hidden beaches and secret coves, you’ll need a mode of transportation.  We recommend a kayak or paddleboard and a local guide to show you the way.


September is where you wanna be.  Temperatures drop a bit, but remain in the 70s.  Water temperatures are at their peak.  School is back in and summer vacations are over.  Crowds have dwindled drastically.  This is when you get the playground to yourself.  Lake Tahoe’s outdoor activities are plentiful.  Kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, camping and more.  Choose your Lake Tahoe summer activity.  It’s quite possible you may get the lake or the mountains to yourself.